Writers' Workshop in Lismore Castle

Writer Ethel Rohan
San Francisco-based Irish writer, Ethel Rohan, will teach a “Brilliance of Brevity” workshop in Lismore Castle, Waterford, as part of Abroad Writers Conference. This three day master class will focus on the crafting of electric and concise narratives. The workshop runs December 11-13th, 2013, and is for writers of both fiction and creative non-fiction. The class goal is to hone the art of selectivity and write one's best and briefest work. In-workshop writing will encourage fearless enjoyment of the process and the careful construction of the stories that participants are most burning to tell.

Other writers teaching at Lismore Castle as part of the Abroad Writers Conference include: Robert Olen Butler; Karen Joy Fowler; Mariel Hemingway; Claire Keegan; Jane Smiley; Lily Tuck; and many more.

Ethel Rohan is an award-winning writer and the author of two story collections, her latest is Goodnight Nobody. She invites writers at all levels to join her in Lismore Castle and says, "We will do great things together." For further details visit www.ethelrohan.com. To register email founding Director Nancy Gerbault at abroadwriters at yahoo.com.